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How to foster educational success? Teaching Practices and their implications for Student Motivation, Effort and Performance
Trude Gunnes, Jocelyn Donze

Last modified: 2015-05-11


We develop a theoretical model in which a teacher maximizes student grades and regulates student motivation, effort and performance through the choice of teaching practices. We show that only high-ability students are motivated by extrinsically-oriented teaching practices. For students of low ability, low-ability students coupled with risk aversion, or for myopic students, the teacher prefers choosing more intrinsically-oriented teaching practices. We also show that the teacher's choice of teaching practice is infuenced by the costs of the teaching practices, by whether they are utilitarian or Rawlsian maximizers, and their time preferences.


Teaching Practices, Student Motivation, Student Effort, Student Achievement, Student heterogeneity, Utilitarian and Rawlsian maximizers, Achievement Goal Theory