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Elite institutions, fields of study and the gender wage gap: case study of a large firm
Marion Leturcq, Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs, Sébastien Roux

Last modified: 2015-05-11


In this paper, we study the gender gap in wages and promotions for executives working for a large firm in cosmetics located in France. We contrast workers with an Elite institution degree with those with a college degree. The gender gap is small for executives from the best Elite institutions at 2:6 percentage points compared to 6.8 percentage points for workers from college with at least a Master degree. Interestingly, controlling for the eld of study increases the gender wage gap for the educational elite because females choose on average fields of study that are slightly more lucrative than males. Finally, we do not nd evidence of any gender gap in promotions and wage growth for the educational elite. This suggests that the educational elite is a rather homogenous group with rather equal treatment across genders. By contrast, among college workers with at least a Master degree, females are more often promoted than males but experience lower wage growth.


gender, discrimination, diplomas, wages, promotions, large firm, internal market.